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I have been in contact with a customer service representative for 3 days now. I placed my order on September 3 and was informed on September 5th that my order was shipped out for delivery.

I have not received it so on the 14th I emailed the company. Someone got back to me right away, they apologized and placed another order for me. When I got home my package was in the mail. My experience so far has been positive regarding my order.

I just started using Hair Envy. It does not come with instructions but I do like that the fact it comes with a squeeze dropper top as to not waste any oil and to apply directly to scalp. I partmy hair in sections and add a few drops to massage in the scalp.

You don't need a lot as it can weigh your hair down. When I see results, I will return to leave another review.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vitality Extracts Hair Envy Essential Oil.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Vitality Extracts Pros: Great customer service.

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Have you had any luck with this product?


Like many of these women, I too had ordered the Vitality Hair Envy. It arrived within a reasonable time frame.

I used it several times, however was not impressed. I called Vitality and asked to return the product. I was told that I could not get a cash refund, but could get a in-store credit. I did not need nor want a $63+ credit for product I would not use.

I then contacted PayPal to look into it. They ruled in their favor. I recontacted Vitality and asked if I could buy some of their essential oil‘s with the credit of my original purchase. They told me that they only had a 15 day return Policy and that I was no longer able to use their store credit.

I am now stuck with three bottles of Vitality Hair Envy that I don’t want nor need.

I am now using the product on my nails and occasionally on my face as a moisturizer. Very disappointed.


I ordered 3 bottles last Sunday. I haven't received the product.

Was supposed to arrive the following day. Anne Diodati


I ordered one product and got double orders of 3 products I want to return double orders of 2 products please send me a return label I am canceling my orders thank you


Been using for about a month with no results & appears to be getting thinner.


I wished it would’ve come with instructions


I been using it for 4 weeks and only change I find is that i’m losing hair at quicker rate !


Thanks for giving us a results update!

Food Expert

According to the Vitality Extracts Hair Envy product description, Hair envy is designed to nourish dry, brittle, and damaged hair. It also helps with itchy hair and relieving dandruff. Please check out comprehensive information on how to use different Vitality Extracts products in the article Top Vitality Extracts Question: “What Do I Do if I Have Been Wrongfully Billed by VitalityExtracts.Com?”


I don’t trust any of those companies that sell these products most of the oils you can buy . Mix them all together and make your own .

You can buy avocado oil instead of mashed , yuk the real thing might go brown .

Just put into a water spray bottle with a little hot water mix and spray onto your roots tilting your head back so the oils don’t drip on your face . Put a shower cap on and leave for an hour or longer .


Vitality Extracts is a 100% scam!!! There's no drops that can re-open hair pores on the scalp.....it's scientifically impossible.


Yep, unfortunatly :(((


Thank you for the tips!


Please get your money back they waiting for China to ship them product they are a fraud company I worked for them and they take your money then 4 weeks after warehouse gets products they will ship you what China sent scam be aware


Oh how I wished I seen your comment before I ordered from the


Me too!


Wish I had read the reviews first! Ugh! Probably won't be able to get my money back:(


Which product are you referring to if u can please mention




Good to know. I was just about to place my order!

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